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Termite treatments

Termites and termite control treatments


Termites are the most expensive pest in the world today. Each year they are responsible for millions of dollars in damages to homes and businesses, just in the US. They strike often without detection or warning. In our part of the country the only threat is the sub-terrainian termite, which needs contact with moisture and soil to survive. Other areas in the U.S. don't have as much luck as they are prone to other destructive types.


Usually in the spring, following a warm rain, swarmers will begin to appear. This is a sign termites are near, maybe not in your house but, close. If you find "winged ants" in your house, you should call a professional pest control operator, before it costs you hundreds if not thousands in damages. We are familiar to the subtle differences between termites and ants, and the things to look for that can or will support a termite colony. It's always better to be safe than sorry, and an annual inspection is reasonibly affordable and gives peace of mind.


We offer a number of ways to handle termite treatments. One way is the most well known, a chemical barrier treatment of the soil surrounding your home. We use ONLY Termidor brand chemicals for soil treatments. Termidor brand chemicals back a 10 year guarantee of protection and have a track records that goes beyond that. It is the best, and best known chemical today for this type of termite treatment. Another way is to treat the wood and siding before insulation is installed with a boride chemical. This is sometimes considered a "pre-construction" termite treatment. The borite is dyed a color, green or blue, and sprayed on the wooden surfaces. This treatment prevents the termites from devouring the wood and even prevents them from making their mud tubes on wood or concrete. We use onlt BaraCare brand for this application, sometimes dyed, sometimes not, it's your preference. I'm told it last forever.......does anything really last forever?


Finally, our third option for termite treatments is not really a treatmnet as much as a preventative measure. Termite bait stations or TBS. TBS's are devices installed in the ground surrounding the property you wish to protect. They must be monitored often, 3 to 4 months at a minimum. Ours has a cellulose capsule and a wooden block to attract termites. When checked and the station has a "hit" then the cellulose capsule is replaced with an active ingredient capsule. When termites feed upon the A.I. it is transmitted through the colony by their feeding and grooming duties, killing them....slowly.


It's debateable which termite treatment is the best, and on occassion all three are used. A certified pest control operator can help you determine which is best for you if you need a termite treatment. Termite control is one of yhe best investments you can make on what is most likrly tour largerst investment. Call JELCO Pest Solutions in Joplin for your options in termite control