Roach treatments

Picture of German cockroaches

Not much freaks people out more than seeing  cockroaches scurry across a dinner plate or table. They are a very persistant pest to say the least. At Jelco Pest Solutions, we have built a reputation for exterminating roaches, especially  the German Cockroach. I've yet to see a magic bullet for killing this insect in one treatment for infestations that have been growing for a period of time. Beginning with our inspection, we will look for and flush the insects from the areas we suspect to be harborages. In severe cases vacuuming may be necessary to remove large numbers in the fight. We always use an IGR (insect growth regulator) along with our special blend of insecticides to control the German cockroach.


Depending on the severity of your infestation,with roaches, it can literally takes months to rid them completly. Gravid or egg carrying females can hide 6 ootheca (egg case) in a year with around 50 offspring in each one, start doing the numbers on that and you can see that more roaches can stack up pretty darn quick. The German Cockroach is also well known for becoming resistant to certain chemicals. Which is why we rotate our main insecticides 3-4 times a year. We also use the best bait matrixs made today, and rotate them twice a year. We can take severe......I mean BAD roach infestations, and with a little help from you, extinguish the problem in as few as 4 months, even less sometimes.


What can you do? You ask. First, get professional help, there is alot of materials out there you can buy that will kill them. It takes more than that, knowledge, experience, and some schooling helps. The things you can do on your own, kill every one roach you can, that could mean 50 less down the road. Next you can caulk each and every gap that is big enough to protect a roach. Don't worry about large gaps, most cockraoches like to be touching 2 surfaces when possible, but those ones that are just big enough for a credit card to slip through to about 1/4 of an inch.....fill them. Also keep plates and dishes as clean as possible, rinsed, if not washed. Don't leave food laying around, even pet food. Put as much opened food in plastic containers as you can, sealed of course. Fix water leaks if you have any.


Much of this cannot be done over night or even before we start a roach treatment but, as we go along, every little bit goes a long way. You will start seeing roaches that look messed up, crinkled wings (yes, they have wings) unusual coloring (whitish) this is the growth regulators doing their job, screwing with there molting process. Roaches can come into your home from visitors, grocery bags, cardboard boxes or any number of ways, but again, sanitation is key to removing roaches from your life, home or business. Roach control in Joplin, Webb City, Carthage, Neosho and SE Kansas including Galena, Baxter Springs and Columbus. If you have any roach or cockroach questions or concerns, Call Jelco Pest Solutions, LLC 417-782-1877