Occasional Invaders or bugs

What are occasional invaders

Picture of hard shell beetle

Occasional invaders are simply that. Bugs that don't invader your home often, they can be Camel crickets, earwigs, silverfish, scorpions, carpet beetles and many more kids of bugs. Each requires a thorough inspection to identify and find the source of an infestation. Many of these "occasional invaders" can be exterminated with a simple chemical barrier or perhaps, just moving some items. 


Picture of a mosquito

Mosquito's are also considered an occasional invader, they are not around all the time. Maybe there is standing water in your yard, or a certain plants that attracts them. Jelco Pest Solution uses an IPM approach to exterminate this potential "dangerous" insect. Chemicals fogged into foilage or removing the attraction.


Picture of a scorpion

Scorpions are another "occasional invaders in Joplin and surrounding areas" not often seen but, can have a painful sting. Most often found near chat piles and rocky terrain they can become to find a place in your home or business. SE Kansas Galena area is a common area to find them. Chemical barriers are a good way to rid of them. When you need pest control for these bugs, call us

Earwigs and Silverfish

A picture of an earwig and a silverfish

Earwigs and silverfish too, fall into the category of occasional invaders. They like cool dark places to hide and come out when they need. Often removing their habitats will be the end of them

Camel crickets

Picture of a camel cricket

Camel crickets or humpback and spider crickets, as some call them are occasional invaders also. They like cool dark places under your house or in your garage. They eat lots of different things and a crawlspace treatment is often necessary to rid them entering your establishment.


Picture of a cat flea

The most common flea to invade your home is the cat flea, yes they are on your dog as well. The source can be your pet or the squirrels playing in your back yard. Or mice could be bringing them in, regardless, they can be difficult to control. A vacuum is your best friend here, if that doesn't work call us

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