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Bed bug heat treatments

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A new threat to not only to home owners, but nursing homes, hospitals, hotels and motels, and of course anywhere else people gather are bed bugs. Also very expensive to treat, mainly for the man hours needed to inspect, evaluate, and remedy a treatment. There are many different approaches to rid your space of bed bugs, heat is probably the best and unfortunately, the most expensive. Jelco uses propane heat system to do the job and is a significate investment of thousands of dollars. There are dozens of over-the-counter sprays, many are short on their promises. We at Jelco Pest Solutions use a less expense alternative avenue, that is time consuming and very effective on most infestation. It compromises of a series of steam heat, vacuuming and chemical applications. We also stock and sell Clean Rest brand bed bug encasements at prices nearly 40% less than retail chains.


One reason bed bugs flourish so well is they are so small and most don't know they have them until they become larger, or they're numbers do. Bed bugs are excellent hitch hikers and flat bodies that would fit in the smallest of places. The thickness of a piece of paper can be large enough to conceal a bed bug. Your suitcase literally could have hundreds of places to ride in. Many are resistant to common pyrethrins, so many common over the counter products are useless. The bed bug eggs are so small you can barely see them with the naked eye. A good sign you might have bed bugs is your bedding, sheets often have small specks of blood from about where your shoulder to your waist would rest, where bedbugs have fead.

To check further, get a bright flashlight and carefully lift the corners of your sheets off the mattress, look for small dark specks in the tuffs of the mattress or anything that moves. Just because you don't see anything does not mean you don't have bed bugs. They can hide in the frame, the box springs, headboard, lots of places, If you think you may have bed bugs but can't find any visible signs, please, call a professional pest control operator. What few dollars they may charge is worth it.

Now to the heart of things, to treat for bed bugs you must use more than one control method. Insecticides is only one of many options to use, remember bed bug have shown to become resistant to a number of pyrthrins. Steam from a professional steamer is another option that has proven results. Ideally, HEAT seems to be the best and unfortunatly, the most expensive method to rid your surroundings of bed bugs. The task to discover and remove bed bugs is very labor intensive. Man hours, prep work, setup and procedures take time to do properly. At JELCO, we use all the methods mentioned to our advantage to kill all bed bugs in your home or business. Heat generated over 122 degrees kills all stages of bed bugs, they simply cannot survive at these tempertures. Small single room infestations can be done with a high heat dry steamer, a vacuum, and a few chemicals to do the job. Larger jobs, whole house or multi-unit housing requires a different type of strategy to eliminate bed bugs. Propane heat is very useful if done properly, is not dangerous. Houses have been burnt done by trying to reach the ideal tempeture range by DIY home owners.


Mattress encasements purchased to protect your mattresses and box springs should be designed for that particular purpose. Cheap vinyl covers will not work.....for long. They tend to rip or split leaving you vunrable to bed bugs. A quality encasement should be pliable, breathable and have a completely sealed zipper, preferable lockable as well. A set of bed bug mattress encasements is well worth the investment to protect your bedding from bed bugs even if you don't have them. They help guard against body lice as well.

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