Mice and rodents

Rodents, including mice are well know to spread disease. Nobody wants that. Mice enter your home or business, urinate or defecate anywhere they wish. They eat or contaminate your food, or spoil your day. Jelco Pest Solutions in Joplin will locate possible entryways into your house or business and report to you what can be done to seal them out. In the meantime we will set out safe, lockable bait stations to kill the rodents, usually with 1 feeding.

Mice are normally shy pest that prefer to stay out of site. Pest control on mice and rats need to be a mulit-facet approach to eliminate the rodents from your home. Block entryways into your home and areas in your home that provides food and hiding places for mice. Steel wool will work but, it rusts and becomes less useful over time, Copper mesh works very well and will not rust and mice have a difficult time chewing through it.  I have seen them chew through 2x4's. Mice can even bring fleas into your house, which can cause other problems down the road.       GOT PROBLEMS WITH MICE? CALL JELCO                                             417-782-1877