SPIDER Control

Picture of a black widow

SPIDERS and Scorpions


One of the most feared insects in the world, even though 90% of them are beneficial to our eco-system. Pest control or spider control can be tricky for reasons you may not think of. Most spiders are reclusive, hiding in their webs or ambush points, cracks & crevices. Many chemicals won’t affect them as other insect because the chemicals don’t get applied to the areas spiders are hiding. Another reason being, spiders do not groom them selves like other insects, so they don’t ingest the pesticides. They also walk higher off the surface doubling their chance of avoiding the pesti-cides. With that being said, spider control can be accomplished with care-ful inspections and applications to harborage areas. Glue boards are a great non-poisonous rool to use for spider control. Insecticidal dusts also work well when applied to these areas.Preventative measures should be used in any spider control methods. Kill the food source (other insects) and the spiders will leave the area. Make sure plants and vegetation is away from the house, door seals leave no gaps, and all window screens are repaired. Avoid leaving lights on out-doors on the house so not to attract flying insects or other drawn to the light.Black Widow spiders and the Brown Recluse are the most dangerous spider in our area. Spider control of these are the most common calls we receive. Black Widows are mostly found outdoors, around wood piles or corners of a building or downspout. Routine pest control service can keep them to a minimum.Brown Recluse control can be a little more difficult to achieve. They tend to stay in areas that are not disturbed much, storage boxes, closets, drawers. They are hunting spiders and like to hunt at night, and most bites are a defensive action to them. It is said that most of their fangs are not strong enough to puncture human skin alone. Needing a slap or weight of cloth-ing to penetrate. Chidren and the elderly are more suseptiblr to these bites, no bets on the bigger ones. Glue boards are very useful in monitoring brown recluse spiders. If you have a spider problem, give us a call.