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Pest Control

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Pest Control

Welcome to JELCO Pest Solutions, we are always happy to help rid you of your pest problems. We are licensed pest control business in both Missouri & Kansas and can assisst with any problem you might encounter from the pest world. Whether you're looking for complete extermination in your home or business in controlling a specific insect....we can help.

We specilize in Integrated Pest Management, which is looking at the base problem, finding the right strategy. We use physical, chemical and baiting technequies to control the food, water or harborage areas that attract pests. Our services are available for one time call ins or monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly schedules. Affordable rates, commercial or residential

Integraded Pest Management or IPM is a specific criteria for pest control. It involves many aspects of pest control methods, including, but, not limited to chemicals, biological, mechanical and sanitation needs. All of these are useful measures to rid pests and keep them at bay. It is a much better enviroment when less chemicals are used anywhere, pest control is no exception. Too many times we have seen people spray or put down a pesticide without even reading the label or directions to them. Naturally, this can be dangerous to all of us. At Jelco Pest Solutions, we often use chemicals however, we don't rely on just chemicals. Good sanitation practises go a long way to reducing pest conditions, and occasionaly, it may be the only method needed to control a pest. Pest control or pest management has to evolve with the changing times, we are extremly conscience of the enviroment around us and do everything possible to minimize contamination to people, pets, and other benificial insects.

Remember, pest control is a science, chemicals, techniques, and knowlege of the pest is needed for complete pest control.

 When it comes to removing or exterminating a pest we look at ALL aspects, where does the pest come from, what is the pest looking for, food.....water.....a place to hide.....or looking to lay eggs! It all plays a role in the insects life and extermination. Pest control services are, and always will be a needed industry in our world, because insects will be here long after we are.

Regular pest service continues to protect your home and family by placing a barrier inside and outside your home or business. Less pest means fewer chances of an pest bourne illness or bacteria. Pest control is our business, give us a call to see what pest control can do for you. Call Jim at 417-782-1877 today


To help keeps spiders out of your home, make sure all window screens are in good shape. Door seals are working properly and no daylight can be seen around or under them. Also keep vegetation trimmed away from the house.

When fleas start nipping on you in the house, a vacuum can be your best friend, try a flea collar in the canister or bag.

Remember to keep food put up often, insects are looking for 3 things.....food.......water.....and a place to hide

When bedbugs are first noticed, PLEASE don't start throwing things out! Carefully place items to be discarded in trash bags, seal them completly, then dispose of them. Nothing spreads them faster than hauling them out of one room through the house. Items not throw away should be sealed in bags and laundered in hot water or treated professionally. Don't take any chances to spread them.

Use yellow bulbs on outdoor lighting when ever possible, or move the lights away from the house to keep flying insects attracted to the light. They are food for spiders.

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