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ANTS and Ant Control


You talk about a pesky pest, ant usually come to mind first. There is a large number of ants the forage in the four states, 27 different species, I've been told. We have only dealt with or treated a few. Normally, when talking to a customer about their ant problem, it's a little black ant. Most people don't care what kind it is, only that they're bothering them.


When it comes to doing an ant treatment, many factors comes into play. What kind of ant it is, some build nests in wall voids of your house or business. Others, build nests around the sidewalk or driveway, or under the landscape timber, or firewood. Which ever ant is invading your home is needs to be treated accordlingly. We start outdoors looking for trailing ants, move or dig around to see if this is where they may be coming from. We use mostly chemicals to control ants, rarely mechanical barriers are enough to stop them. Baits can and are used indoors for ant control and non-repellant chemicals may be applied to aid in their demise. 


As stated before there are a large variety of ants in this area, a hundreds of thousands of ants near or around your home. Fortunatly, the majority of those ants are not bothering you. For the one that are, we will do everthing we can to get and keep them from invading your space. Ant control is more science than luck, but, I'll take luck if it works. Just ot name a few....ants that we see around here are as follows.  Acrobat ants, Big-headed ants, Carpenter ants, Crazy ants, Little Black Ants....yes, that's their name, Odorous House ants, you've probably have crushed some before and smelled them, Pavement ants very common, Pyramid and Rover ants just to name a few. Which ever ant is bothering you, Call JELCO Pest Solutions in Joplin to rid ants at your place, we know pest control signed ants in Joplin.

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